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A Principal says:


As a twenty year veteran English teacher, I am very enthusiastic about this writing program. Writing, to me, is one of the most important skills a person can have- the ability to communicate effectively using the written word with the appropriate supports and conventions is essential to success. Your 5000 Role Models Writing Curriculum encompasses all of that and the prompts are an accurate way of watching these student’s development not only as a Role Model, but as a writer.  I look forward to seeing the program develop and am very excited to be a part of it!


Ms. Nery Fins, Felix Varela SHS Principal




A Site Director says:


I would like to advocate the Writing Program of the 5000 Role Model of Excellence Project as an excellent endeavor to prepare our students for the 21st Century. My name is Anthony Armbrister and I am the Site Director at Madison Middle School and I also serve as the Mathematics Coach for the last three years. I have seen first-hand the struggle our students have faced when asked to compile a coherent and organized essay. This component of the 5000 Role Model of Excellence program has allowed our ELA/Reading Teachers to collaborate with the students on a meaningful basis. Not only are they mentoring the students through individual assistance on their essays, but establishing relationships with them that goes far beyond writing. In general, the writing program will enhance our students' entire focus on critical thinking and mastery of written expression. In particular, the collaboration from adults in their lives will forge a lifetime of reflective experience that the students will not soon forget. In conclusion, I hope that this is only the beginning of more expressive academic endeavors and debate, artistic expression, and creativity will soon be on the horizon.


Anthony Armbrister, Mathematics Coach -Madison Middle School Mustang PRIDE!




A Site Director says:


As far as the writing program goes, I was saying that even on the first use it was so beneficial because it worked not only to focus the boys and get them thinking but it was a springboard to our discussion. We discussed the importance of education and the importance of obeying our parents. Our boys NEED programs like these because once they get to college they will be shocked by the expectations college courses have when it comes to proper writing. Even as we speak I am trying to go back and look for possible errors and I know I will not find them because I did not have someone that I trusted to mentor me to become a better writer while at the same time discuss pertinent issues that can help me understand our world today. It is sad that we have arrived at a time where our boys cannot just be average to get into college or be well off, our boys in order to compete need to be well above average and this program is a step in that direction.


Again thank you so much!


Mario Mena Horace Mann Middle 6th Grade Science




A Site Director says:


I just wanted to send you this note of appreciation for the extremely helpful materials you and the staff of the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project put together for Site Directors, such as myself.  I am a new sponsor this school year and there are so many things that need to be addressed with accuracy and proficiency so that I may serve my members well. Along with developing a successful program at my work location; finding out that there were new responsibilities emphasizing the development of writing skills initially had me concerned. However, after going through the writing manuals and pacing guide that you distributed, I honestly am breathing a “sigh” of relief!!!   The information is presented in a manner that is both digestible and precise. This is exactly what any site director would need at their fingertips to help our young men become the skilled writers they need to be entering their postsecondary options.  This detailed resource touches upon every aspect that one would need to cover with their students thus ensuring that every location achieves a positive result. Again, thank you so much for the hard work and preparation that evidently went into developing these materials.




Davie L. Towbin, G. Holmes Braddock Senior High




A Site Director says:


I have also witnessed how the Congresswoman along with Administrative Director Paul Wilson have implemented a writing Literacy component to the program as well. The goal is to have all our young men be able to express themselves through thought and put it on paper in an essay.  I feel as a Site Director this is vital and critical for our young men's growth as they matriculate on to postsecondary education. But most of all, we are moving at a rapid pace but it is in the right direction for premier status! I'm really impressed with staff and Mr. Paul Wilson who has only been there for about 5 months and he has taken this program by the horns and implemented certain procedures for our Site Directors to follow so that we all can have successful Chapters in the program. I'm extremely excited and thankful to the God who has commanded me to do this work! Ain't No Stopping Us Now!!!!!!


LarMarc Anderson, Site Director Miami Northwestern Senior High School




A Site Director says:


It was a pleasure speaking to you this morning; you give me a lot of insight on how I can infuse a lesson on the bus trip to the Museum. This is my first year as a 5000 Role Model Site Director. As a future educator the writing curriculum that you provided will be a great opportunity and will help me cultivate the skills I need to become a successful educator.


Thank you.


Yolande Daquin, Lillie C. Evans K-8 Center




A Site Director says:


The new writing initiative for 5000 Role Models of Excellence is a much needed element that will build student proficiency.  Last year, unofficially our site devoted thirty minutes of each session to writing on various pertinent topics.  This exercise completely set the culture of our meetings.  Writing gave our meetings structure, enrichment, and purpose.  The topics were relatable and fostered honest dialogue.  This practice dispelled for the young men the stigma and apprehension associated with deficient writing.  Over time each participant gained confidence and began suggesting innovative topics of their own.  Thank you for developing this concise guide; it comprises each component necessary to improve the skill base of our mentees. The results of this initiative will impact the mentees exponentially.




Ms. Thomas, Greynolds Park ES




A Site Director says:


I have been the 5000 Role Model Site Director for the past 4 years and each year I see growth in the program both on the district level and at my school site.  I have prided myself on being a model figure as the Site Director at my school.  I take my position very seriously, and I am always seeking ways to improve what I do for my program.  Every year I start with an interest breakfast where I invite approximately 80 boys to attend and learn about the program. I give them a brief overview of the program , what we do throughout the year, and I explain to them exactly what the advantages are of being a 5000 Role Model and where it can lead them in their future.  I totally make joining an option and I let the boys know that I am not putting any pressure on them to join, because at the end of the day this is a program that can help them, but you must first want to be helped. In my first year my school was not an official program.  I did not have any mentors, my husband and a family friend assisted me. The second year I invited several members from the community to come in and speak to the boys on various topics. By year three I was introduced to my mentors from the district office and those 2 gentlemen have worked very closely with me and have been a phenomenal asset to the program.


At the end of last school year I did an end of year banquet for the Role Models and their parents.  The 8th grade class was my official first group and those young men hung in there with me through the good and the not so good.  I felt a need to show those boys my appreciation to them for being committed to the program throughout their middle school experience. This year I am very excited about the direction in which the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project is going in.  At the Site Directors Summit Meeting when we were told about the new writing component my mind began spinning.  I immediately text some of my colleagues and told them about what we would be doing this year with the writing and I asked for their assistance because writing is not only a passion for them but for me as well.


One of the improvements that I made in my program this year was to involve my parents. In reflecting upon last year, I realized that I really needed to get my parents on board.  So this year, I held a mandatory parent information meeting.  In that meeting I explained to the parents many things, but my main focus was the writing component of the program. I helped the parents to see the importance of the writing component, being that the FSA requires writing at every grade level.  I helped the parents to see that it is very important to the Role Models of Excellence Project that the boys work very hard to become efficient writers. The parents were very excited to know that this was another aspect of the program that would help their son become a better person as a whole! I am just so elated to be a Site Director of the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project and all that we have to offer the boys.  I am so thankful for all of the support that is poured out to my school from the community, the parents, my administration, the district office and from my family.   I look forward to seeing this program take off and become known nationally because we all know that it takes a village to rear a child.


Ms. Toni Junious, Site Director at Ponce De Leon MS




A M-DCPS CPA says:


Thank you for sharing with me the two writing manuals for students and site directors that were written by you.  As a former Language Arts teacher, I consider those manuals excellent tools to improve writing skills. I love the content and how the subjects addressed flow, along with examples to facilitate student learning. Also, Section D contains organizers to assist students in developing their topics. I also want to mention that the curriculum pacing guide is great. It maps out the monthly curriculum focus, rubrics and plan of action for instructors to follow. Kudos to you for creating such great manuals!!!!


Thanks again and much success with your personal and professional endeavors.


Best regards,

Roxana Vega, CPA


Office of Intergovernmental Affairs,

Grants Administrations and Community Engagement

Miami-Dade County Public Schools




A Kindergarten Teacher says:


We are continuing to grow in our ability communicate effectively through writing.  Without question our efforts are translating positively in the classrooms of our scholars.  To further help the writing process we have added speech in a bag.  As you are aware, public speaking is the most feared aspect of communication; this process is building confidence and enhancing behavior. During the introduction of our written topics in a bag we put elements related to the topic, each scholar has to speak for 30 timed seconds.  This helps us unpack the topic, and although we are not perfect yet, we are indeed making strides.




Ms. Lachanze C. Thomas-Briggins

Greynolds Park ES, Site Director




A Senior High Student says:


The writing program designed by the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Program has proved not only beneficial to myself but to my fellow peers in the 5000 Role Models chapter. We have all learned a significant amount about how life really is and what steps a young man can take in becoming successful in his endeavors, and so therefore writing this essay was made so much easier because through mentoring through writing program most of us already know who and what we want to be when we are finished with high school. The essays that we received back from our members were outstanding in terms of how these young men had their life all planned out whether it was achieving a doctorate degree to even becoming a Supreme Court Justice. Whenever a member needed assistance with the writing assignment he knew that Mr. Jerome and I were here to help in anything he needed. The young men of the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Program at Coral Reef Senior High School are going above and beyond in terms of changing who they are into someone who is determined to be successful, and we owe this to you, The 5000 Role Models of Excellence.


Chrystian M. Martinez


President of 5000 Role Models

Coral Reef Senior High School




A Site Director says:


The writing curriculum has been extremely helpful this year. I have been able to use the writing curriculum to give all my kids a voice. As we know, we have kids who are more verbal than others; those who do not like to express themselves with words have used this curriculum to express themselves. I have opened the floor to many discussions by using these writing prompts to guide our discussion. The writing curriculum will only give you what you put into it. At first I found it difficult to grade the papers, but after the first time I found a groove, and I was able to do it without adding any pressure to my usual schedule. Grading a paper a day was by far the easiest thing I could have changed and adjusted in my routine. This is something that I strongly recommend to all site directors because of the structure and direction it gives to our meetings.


Mario Mena Horace Mann Middle 6th Grade Science




A Site Director says:


Thank you for facilitating this worthwhile initiative. This writing component is instrumental and is translating positively in the fundamental class subjects of the mentees. It is my contention that grades are improving because of this writing component. The program is concise and has topics relevant to academic progress and tangible real life experience. During the sessions Role Models are engaged and eager to participate because our learning environment does not contain the pressures of punitive assessment. We know that learning only takes place when pupils buy in. They collaborate freely and really help each other. Overall our group made strides, particularly in the areas of vocabulary and mechanics. I have only two suggestions: A) That the program is aligned to the standard schedule; and B) Additional intense program training for site directors.




Ms. LaChanze Thomas, Greynolds Park Elementary




A Site Director says:


Thank you! The students enjoyed all of the 5000 Role Models activities and support. As a first year Director at GGES, I must say that it was truly an amazing experience and an additional avenue for the kids to steer to the rode of success.


Jeff Rateau, Golden Glades Elementary



A Site Director says:


As it relates to the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project Inaugural Writing Program, I think the benefits to our students when implemented with fidelity will be outstanding. Our teachers at Madison Middle School embraced the concept from the outset and was very instrumental in scoring and assisting the students with workshops and one on one tutorials. This program can only enhance the greatest form of communication in a positive way in which in turn will lead to higher academic achievement in all areas. I look forward to implementing the program for next school year and getting even more instructional support at my school site.


Anthony Armbrister, Mathematics Coach -Madison Middle School

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