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ALL M-DCPS EMPLOYEE ROLE MODELS should take these steps:


M-DCPS Employees should log into Employee Portal.  (CLICK HERE TO LOGIN)


1.       Click the Apps | Services | Sites tab at the top.

2.      Click on the Be a School Volunteer! link.

3.      Choose your school(s) and the activity (5000 Role Models).

4.      Contact Role Model Office for Final Clearance.



ALL COMMUNITY ROLE MODELS should take these steps:


Register for a community portal account. (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER)


After registering, log into the community portal using your credentials


Example: User ID: C543688 PW: RolemOdel1


Once logged in the Community Portal, Click the Application Services and Sites tab at the top.

1.       Click on the Be a School Volunteer! link.

2.      Choose your school(s) and the activity (5000 Role Models).

3.      ***Print the fingerprint waiver and have signed by the administrator in Role Models office.

4.      After successful fingerprinting, contact Role Model Office for final clearance.


***The following below are exempt from fingerprinting, by providing the School Volunteer office a letter on company letterhead, signed in blue ink, by either the Role model office or preferably by that Role model’s superior/boss/ administrator.


·         Police / Correction Officers

·         Fire Fighters

·         Armed Forces (any branch including Coast Guard)

·         Judges

·         MDC Elected Officials

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