Congratulations to our September 2020

Student of the Month Recipient

Peterson Edmond 

William H. Turner Technical Arts Senior High

Peterson recently graduated from William H. Turner Technical Arts Senior High School. He has been an active member for the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project for four years. He enjoys singing in the church choir, acting and volunteering in his community. In addition, he is the first child in the family to earn a scholarship and to attend college.


He plans to attend Miami Dade College and will major in Information Technology.  After college he plans to give back to those who helped paved the way for him throughout his life.

He believes that the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project has taught him to be wiser in making decisions and to be a leader in his community.  Peterson thanks the program for keeping him out of trouble and to build character with higher patience. He also believes the program has taught him about brotherhood, being responsible, respectful and maturing as a young man.  


What it means to Peterson to be the role model student of the month is an absolute honor and a dream come true as a Haitian-American to represent his school.  It makes him believe and have the ability to do more even when no one is around because you never know who’s watching and taking note.


To conclude, Peterson considers God as his role model because without him he wouldn’t be where he is today without faith and for him guiding him on a carefully chartered course. In addition, he considers his dad as a role model for teaching him good etiquette and good manners to be a productive man in today’s society.

 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project 

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